Thom Kerr is known for the colourful experimentation present in his imagery. He bridges his photos between the realms of fashion photography and fine art.


In 2005 Thom Kerr graduated with Bachelor of Fine Arts specialising in writing and directing. He initially freelanced as a stylist, set designer, and writer for numerous publications - collaborating with an eclectic set of photographers whilst developing his own direction. In 2007 he decided to step behind the camera officially and has been working as a full time photographer ever since. 

A mixture of location and studio environments, the fashion is often complimented by a detailed narrative and characters.

Garnering comparisons to some of the world’s most established photographers, his folio has attracted an international audience, with advertising and magazine commissions from Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. With experience working across all aspects of imagery he is often asked to consult with brands, personalities, and publications on the creative direction of each assignment.

Whilst many photographers follow a more conventional path of working within the defined aesthetics of the magazine market, Thom continues to break away from industry expectations by delivering images that are bold and forward thinking in their approach.

Thom Kerr, 2016

Thom Kerr, 2016